Superstar Awards 2020

Superstar Award is a kind of award that recognizes and rewards excellence across all sectors in India who are involved in building a new India and have achieved a milestone. Superstar awards have an aim to welcome and felicitate those who have contributed substantially to accelerate growth in India’s industry as well as real estate and bolstered nation’s growth story.

Nomination Fee: 25,000 per nomination**

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Awards selection and process:

This Research Report is a result of internal auditing conducted by Observer Dawn on all sectors/Industries to understand the existing strength and future prospects of different companies within a specific region. To create a reliable testing mechanism plus to find out industry leaders; the Jury has adopted a multi-level rating structure of the company/organization/institution Groups on 10 parameters.

Companies or Groups are shortlisted through nominations/recommendations. The Jury perceives and appraises companies on 10 categories on a scale of 0 to 10. Where ‘0’ is for the worst and ‘10’ is for excellent. The final outcome is only for theoretical use, and should not be quoted, circulated and published for any commercial gain or to criticize any company.

Brand Value:

A premium that adds to a brand from prospective buyers who are willing to pay extra for it. Brand value enhances significance to the product and makes it preferred choice in comparison to other available options. The brand should be easily recognizable. It’s like the additional money a customer is willing to pay to buy designer clothing a few companies, despite their smaller share in the market are better known, in comparison to their counterparts with a larger stake.

Delivery Ratings:

Past performance and capacity to deliver products/products in the future; some realty groups are operating from more than 3-4 decades and have mixed performance records whereas new players have only one or two completed products or some of them have yet to perform. The ability of the company to adopt an appropriate mechanism to undertake production/construction work and complete in a reasonable time is the criteria.

Investment- Friendly:

Companies are rated on their ability to conceive the investment-friendly project. Some of the new players are conceived an exceptionally investors-friendly project and given huge profits to their buyers and investors. Investor friendly companies draft policy and act to accommodate investors to book their profits where some of the companies create hurdles and try to share profits of investors by imposing different conditions.

Quality Ratings:

Quality is not about designing hi-end products; the quality process is integrated into the development of the product and is customer-focused. The crucial aim is customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality of service. The approach in the direction of finding and using appropriate cost-effective techniques.

Design Ratings:

Designing is a crucial part of product/Product; it connects us with the past and represents the great legacy for the future.


Groups that keep one eye on profit and another eye on how best to serve its customers; Customer-Friendly Companies understand that part of their market share and business promotion is of listening to the customer and acting upon their needs.


After-sales support encompasses a wide selection of services that cater to customers. It should be designed to assist a customer from the sale and afterward, which could generate repeat customers, develop brand loyalty among customers and ensure customer satisfaction.

Growth Potential:

Potential growth is the estimated growth of the company (in %) on parameters like sales, promotion, marketing efforts, and others.

Corporate Image:

A corporate image is a perception that the general public holds about a particular business. It is a generally accepted image of what a company stands for. A corporation’s image is not solely created by the company. Other contributors to a company’s image could include news media, journalists, NGO’s, etc. it is the public perception of the firm rather than a reflection of its actual state opposition. Unlike corporate identity, it is fluid and can change overnight from positive to negative to neutral.

Market Leadership:

Broadly speaking, a market leader has the power to shape the way a market evolves and behaves and uses that power to its own advantage. Mostly business depends on local factors for its demand and supply; few smaller players have done a remarkable job to create a specific market segment. In other words, it could understand as market leadership is the position of a company with an effective market position or highest profitability in a specific market.


This rating is done for academic purposes only and should not be considered for any investment or business decision. The Jury’s conclusion is on the basis of available information through various sources and their feedback. Though the Jury is a group of learned professional who has in-depth information about the industry but still their observations may not be 100% accurate.

Rating points were awarded for each category separately. For the purpose of preparing the list jury added/deducted some points in the apt category which might affect 1-2% overall rating points. Example: where two firms were sharing a similar number of overall rating points; with the majority jury decision one of the companies is given grace points or points deducted whatsoever was suitable in order to create visible difference into their overall ratings. Realty firms do share ranks in different categories but in overall ratings, they follow one after another.

The Jury does not deny the possibility of overlooking certain details and information, which were essential to prepare the list. But the given grades are best of the available information and understood to be 90% accurate.


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