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Big discovery in India regarding Lithium ion battery, Realm of China will end

A discovery has the power to change the world. The monarchy of China, occupying the Lithium mines cunningly from around the world might come to an end. Currently, Lithium used in Lithium Ion batteries made for electric vehicles worldwide is under Chinese occupation. About 65 percent of the lithium reserves in the world are found in Bolivia and Chile. But the mines there are occupied by China. Due to this, the worldwide battery prices are not decreasing. In this direction, a startup in India has discovered the alternative of lithium ion battery. This will change the world of batteries. This battery is inexpensive, light and gets fully charged in 15 minutes. The biggest thing is that its production material is sufficiently available in India. Only last month, both the founders got a place in Forbes India’s Under 30 list.

The discovery has been made by Mumbai-based startup Gegadyne Energy. This startup has only 8 people including the founders. This battery has been prepared by the team of its founders Zubin Varghese and Ameya Gadiwan. This battery can be fully charged in just 15 minutes. At present, 40 percent of the total cost of electric vehicles is only the cost of the battery. In this case, this cheap battery will reduce the price of electric carriers. This battery is made of carbon.

 According to the founders of the startup Gegadyne Energy, Zubin Varghese and Ameya Gadwan, they have used carbon and its derivatives instead of lithium ion. The life of such a battery is longer and it gets charged soon. According to these people, the country has sufficient carbon reserves. Therefore, there will be no problem in its mass production.

The Indian government wants to create a 100 percent electric vehicle market in the country by 2030. But the biggest hurdle in this is the battery for electric vehicle batteries. According to Gegadyne, their battery capacity can be increased, which will solve many problems. Gegadyne Energy plans to begin commercial production of this new battery by early 2020. The prototype that the startup has designed has a capacity of up to 1 kilowatt hour (KVH). According to Niti Aayog’s Electric Vehicle Mission 2030, the domestic market of EV batteries in India can reach $ 300 billion by 2030.This battery has 50 times more capacity than lithium-ion battery.  

Zubeen and Ameya

Zubeen and Ameya left college and started Gegadyne Energy in 2015. He claims that the life of batteries designed by his technology is up to 50 times longer than the commonly used lithium-ion batteries. This startup has also applied for some patents. The company wants to become the country’s first supercapacitor-based battery manufacturer. The company wants the batteries made with their technology to be used not only in electric vehicles, but also in other consumer devices.