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7 Facts That No One Knows About the Logo of Make in India

The Make in India campaign is a very well known campaign and so is its logo. The lion which has been roaring all this while perhaps best represents the campaign. But do you know that the logo has been a part of many controversies in the past? Here are 7 Facts that you might not have […]

5 Benefits India will Make Through the Make in India Project

You must have noticed that every year India’s exports are less than its imports. Just to change this trend, the government started the “Make in India” policy in order to initiate the campaign of manufacturing goods and services in the country itself. In this scheme, emphasis is on manufacturing of goods in India by foreign companies. Therefore, this […]

Make in India: Conquering The World …..

“Let us see together…. Let us come together… Let us discuss together and Let us work together…, it will reach you out a propitious conclusion and prosperity”, these are essence of our Make in India Conclave 2020 (MIC 2020). Here we’ll provide you with another chance to recall and cash on the above ‘Mantras’ for […]

10 Facts that you might not know about Vigyan Bhavan!

Vigyan Bhawan is a premier convention centre of Government of India in New Delhi. Many of you might already have attended the events hosted in the Vigyan Bhavan. However, We are very sure that you won’t be knowing the following points about it. Go on, and read about these 10 facts about Vigyan Bhavan that led us to finalize it as […]

Big discovery in India regarding Lithium ion battery, Realm of China will end

A discovery has the power to change the world. The monarchy of China, occupying the Lithium mines cunningly from around the world might come to an end. Currently, Lithium used in Lithium Ion batteries made for electric vehicles worldwide is under Chinese occupation. About 65 percent of the lithium reserves in the world are found […]

Startup India: India jumped 29 places in the list of countries promoting self-employment

A total of 21,778 startups were started in Startup India, an important program to promote self-employment. According to the Global Innovation Index (GII) report, India has reached 52nd position in 2019. India’s ranking in the year 2015 was 81. India has become the first developing country to release the Global Innovation Index (GII) in collaboration with the World […]

What is Make in India?

Make in India is a quite popular initiative. Very rarely though, we come across questions like, “What is Make in India all about?” So, we thought of explaining the campaign to you anyway! The Make in India program was launched in New Delhi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014. This was an initiative […]

The world will see the power of ‘Make in India’ in Defense Expo 2020

It has been recently decided by the government to decorate a large tableau of the strategic power of the country at the Defense Expo-2020. Five state-of-the-art weapons of the Ordnance Factory Board will show the world the power of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’. The objective of the government is to persuade foreign companies […]