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Make in India: Conquering The World …..

“Let us see together…. Let us come together… Let us discuss together and Let us work together…, it will reach you out a propitious conclusion and prosperity”, these are essence of our Make in India Conclave 2020 (MIC 2020).

Here we’ll provide you with another chance to recall and cash on the above ‘Mantras’ for achieving your business goal.

Covering almost all sections, especially among the manufacturing units of the country, the Make in India Conclave – 2020 welcomes you to an ever greener pasture.

Following the footprint of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who coined the concept of ‘Make in India’ in the year 2014, our candid effort, is destined to offer all the valuable participants a common platform to make their dreams come true.

As the main objective of the ‘Make In India’ is to utilize existing Indian talents, generating employment opportunities and empowering secondary and tertiary sector, this promising program will, undoubtedly, play a significant role in the economic growth of the country.

Attracting investments from across the globe and strengthen India’s manufacturing sectors are among the other priorities of ‘Make In India’.
It is governed and managed by the Union Government’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Prominent Management Guru, Philip Kotler, has truly said – “Good companies will meet needs, great companies will create markets”. Here, Mr. Kotler explained the fundamentals of marketing in just a sentence.

The above quote guides us understand the need of people, product, consumer and manufacturer. That implies – Unless we understand the people or their need, we cannot make a right product, unless we understand a product, we can’t create a market, unless we create a market, we can’t explore our product!

In Similar ways, unless we understand the diversified manufacturer of different or similar products, we can’t analyze the existing products or long for a relevant product, isn’t it?

As such, all we need is to understand the facts and explore our ideas to generate a unique concept. But these could be possible through a good chain of networking, that would enable us display our products in different ways. More significantly, the spirit of the above quote can transparently be witnessed in the concept of ‘Make In India’, as was placed by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, about 5 year ago.

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(27 – 28 February 2020, Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi)