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‘Oppo’ to cooperate in Make in India with the target of making 100 million smartphones

China’s technology giant Oppo is preparing to exploit the opportunities available in the Indian market due to the young population. The company intends to create support strategies and bring India-focused innovation to the government’s ‘Make in India’ mission through cooperation to startups. Under the ‘Make in India’ mission, Oppo intends to manufacture 100 million smartphones locally by the end of 2020. 

Also, the company wants to bring world class technology products so that the needs of Indian consumers can be met. In view of the rapid change in technology in India, Oppo is focusing on next generation innovations like 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) here. 

Oppo is preparing to exploit the opportunities available in the Indian market.

Taslim Arif, Vice-President (research and development), Oppo India, said, ‘India is a notable market as far as 5G is concerned. The country’s new National Digital Communication Policy (NDCP) has given a positive outlook for the industry and the country. It proposes creation of digital infrastructure to support next generation digital services.

He said that work has already started for the 5G network at its research and development center in Hyderabad at Oppo. As the ecosystem will be ready, the company will bring 5G technology friendly smartphone. 

Sumit Walia, Vice-President (product and marketing), Oppo India, said, “There are 50 crore consumers in the country who use feature phones. There is a possibility of these people shifting to smartphones. Due to 4G access and cheap equipment and cheap data, this industry will continue to grow.